Modern Cyber Café.

At Graham Pearl Enterprises,

  • We run a modern Cyber Café that provides all common services expected in any well-equipped Cyber Café.
  • We offer computer classes and Cyber Café orientation at very competitive fee charges.
  • We do installation of both windows and android apps for computers and mobile phones respectively.
  •  We have mastered most of the Government online services including, KRA PIN registration and filing of all types of returns, all services provided through E-Citizen such as Business and Company registration, processing of passport, processing of Certificate of good conduct, renewal of driving licenses, opening of TIMS account and transfer of logbooks.
  •  We register teachers, County and National Government employees to their HR systems in order to access their payslips and other services. We also register students in the NEMIS system, help in TPAD appraisal of TSC Teachers and online wealth declaration.


We are very flexible with our service provision. One can get our services by visiting our Premises, located in Ukunda/Jambo area, opposite Diani Police Church. For those who for some reasons cannot visit our premises, including those in the diaspora, can still contact us and have their work done and forwarded to them online if possible. Most of the services done through the Government online portals such E-Citizen, KRA, NTSA, and so on can be done even without one having to visit us physically. So, now you know. We can register KRA PIN, file returns for you, renew your travelling Passport and many other services without you having to travel back to Kenya. For more information you can reach us through our email:, call, SMS or chat us on WhatsApp via +254 112780019. By liking and following our Facebook page, GRAHAM PEARL ENTERPRISES, you get frequent updates on our regular offers.

  Distance is no longer a Challenge!!!



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