Japanese Facial Masks

Facial cosmetics are generally aimed at keeping the skin moist and also removing sebum in order to promote good skin health. Facial skins are different hence using the right cosmetic products is very key to ensuring a healthy skin. Research by Dermatologists and other Scientists has led to the development of numerous cosmetics, facial masks being the most prevalent facial skincare products used to revitalize the skin.
There are different types of facial masks with specific benefits to the skin depending on the components used to make them.
Masking has become a major component of facial skincare. In Japan, for example, it is believed that almost everyone does masking. The Japanese cosmetics industry has made available numerous sheets masks with special combination of ingredients that will boost facial hydration, clear acnes and other benefits like giving tackling fine lines and evening out hyperpigmentation on the face.
On our Japan Shelf, you will find some of the very effective and highly recommended Japan face masks that will meet the needs of different skin types such as dry, oily, sensitive or normal.

Sake lees whitening mask


Sake lees sheet mask is a great product. The lotion on it penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin and hydrate it leaving your face moist. You use Sake lees sheet masks once or twice a week. Buy Now!

BB Face Mask with Collagen

BB Face Masks are very effective on dry skin hence highly recommended for people with such skin type. They hydrate and moisten the skin leaving it cool, refreshed and smooth. Other sheet masks from Daiso that are in stock are as follows below:


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