Japanese Green Tea

Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, after water. It is not only used as basic food to some people or for enjoyment but also commonly used due to its numerous health benefits. Tea leaves can be processed in many ways to come up with  varieties of white, black and green tea. When it comes to the health benefits that can be derived from consumption of tea, research has shown that green tea is by far the most superior compared to white and black tea.

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For many centuries now, the Japanese people have highly valued and treasured green tea as precious medicine. In Japan, tea leaves are harvested and processed in various techniques to come up with the different types of green tea, which has become the Country’s most preferred beverage. The health benefits of the Japanese green tea are today widely known all over the world.

Study has shown that green tea has many health benefits primarily because of its high levels of Polyphenols,  specifically Flavonoids, which makes it a good antioxidant among other benefits. Here we'll list some of the most popular Japanese tea brands, popularly known as NIHONCHA which includes green tea and others. We'll also highlight their health benefits to the body.

1. Ryokucha

Ryokucha is produced from green tea leaves that are steamed and dried but not fermented. It is highly recommended due to its many health benefits which include: Improve hypertension, Diabetes prevention, Bad breath improvement, Cold prevention, Brain activation and Caries prevention. Buy Now!

2. Genmaicha


Genmaicha is green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. It's is highly recommended because of the following health benefits: Ateriosclerosis prevention, Improve hypertension, Relaxing effect and Bad breath improvement. Buy Now!

3. Hojicha

Also Houjicha. It is made by roasting Bancha leaves over charcoal. It contains low caffeine and tannins. It is highly recommended because of the following health benefits: Cold prevention, Bad breath improvement, Lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Buy Now!

4. Matcha

Matcha is the King of all green tea. It is made from a special variety of tea called Tencha. It has many health benefits which include: Imrove hypertension, Diabetes and Cancer prevention, Skin care effect, Relaxing effect, Boosts brain functioning, Lever and heart protection and Bad breath improvement. Buy Now!

5. Green tea


Green tea as a product is actually a special combination of Matcha and Sugar, hence its health benefits are similar to those of Matcha, that is, improve hypertension, Diabetes prevention, Skin care effect, Relaxing effect, and breath improvement. Buy Now!

6. Sobacha

Sobacha is made from buck wheat. "Soba" is noodles made from buckwheat flour. It’s health benefits include: Improve hypertension, Diabetes prevention, Relieve swelling, Skin care effect and Detox. Buy Now!

7. Mugicha

Mugicha is roasted barley tea and is normally drunk cold/iced. Its health benefits include Blood circulation promoting effect, Aiding in digestion and stopping constipation, Calming down anger, Reducing sleep disturbances and other sleep related problems, Boosting prostate health and improving male fertility, Curing common cold, Preventing teeth decay, Helping in weight loss, Reducing cholesterol, Boosting immunity system and Suppressing carcinogens thus prevention of cancer. Buy Now!

8. Kuromamecha

Kuromamecha is made from black soy beans. Its health benefits include Improving blood circulation, Osteoporosis prevention, Skin improvement, Anti-aging effect, Obesity prevention, Grey hair prevention, Hair loss prevention, Eye sight improvement, Regulating hormones, Lowering cholesterol and Cancer prevention. Buy Now!

9. Gobocha


Gobocha is made from Burdock. It’s health benefits include Stopping constipation, Stopping diarrhea, Relives swelling, Skin care effect and Obesity prevention. It is important to note that Burdock is very rich in dietary fibers. Buy Now!

10. Kombucha

Also "Konbucha" is Caffeine free. It’s health benefits include Boosting immunity, Solves thin hair problem, Hypertension prevention, Relieves from fatigue, Osteoporosis prevention, Stress improvement and Cold prevention. Kombucha tea is made of powdered kelp.

Konbu means Kelp. Buy Now!

11. Azukicha

"Azuki" refers to small red beans. Azukicha is tea made from the finest Azuki beans grown in Hokkaido island in Japan, which are very rich in mineral components such as Vitamin B1, Polyphenols and more Potassium than other Azuki beans grown outside Japan. It has numerous health benefits which include strengthening the heart, regulating blood circulation, relieving fatigue, improving the functions of the bladder and kidneys, keeping digestive system healthy and on track, reducing water retention and detoxifying the body, aiding swollen eyelids, black circles and puffy bags under the eyes, and restoring the moisture balance in the body and is also a good anti-aging agent.

Japanese have for long believed that Azuki helps in replenishing new blood cells as well as assisting with difficult menstruation. Azuki is also highly prized by the Japanese as an overall tonic for the kidneys and are very effective for eliminating kidney stones and infections.

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