Computer Studies Course Guide Book


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This Book covers comprehensively the Basic computer literacy and actual function of the system in our education system from “A” to “O” Levels in computer studies curriculum.

This Book is recommended for pupils of as lower level as class 4 to class 8 in the “A” Level and in the “O” Level from Form 1-4 for the computer students as well as the college beginners who take ICT and other related courses. The syllabus topics have been covered to a sufficient depth.

This Book adopts a very meaningful and practical approach to the introduction to the computer studies and ICT. The networking topic is comprehensively dealt with, focusing on making more networking engineers, and many other useful topics that will mold computer students into expertise. There are also exercises comprising of short and descriptive questions at the end of each sub-topic and revision questions at the end of each chapter to provide adequate assessment of learners’ understanding of the subject at each stage.


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