Azukicha (8 Tea bags)


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“Azuki” refers to small red beans. Azukicha is tea made from the finest Azuki beans grown in Hakkaido island in Japan, which are very rich in mineral components such as Vitamin B1, Polyphenols and more Potassium than other Azuki beans grown outside Japan. It has numerous health benefits which include strengthening the heart, regulating blood circulation, relieving fatigue, improving the functions of the bladder and kidneys, keeping digestive system healthy and on track, reducing water retention and detoxifying the body, aiding swollen eyelids, black circles and puffy bags under the eyes, and restoring the moisture balance in the body and is also a good anti-aging agent.

Japanese have for long believed that Azuki helps in replenishing new blood cells as well as assisting with difficult menstruation. Azuki is also highly pried by the Japanese as an overall tonic for the kidneys and are very effective for eliminating kidney stones and infections.


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